Medailles-Prijzen etc

I was born in Arnhem, Holland, in 1948 and

married Gus. We have two children and four grandchildren.

After my studies I followed an interesting career in public healthcare untill health forced me to stop work.

In 2003 Gus and I went to live in Fuilla, a little village in the South of France and it was there that I discovered the incredible chemistry between pigments, all kinds of materials, shapes and form.

My studio has become a laboratory where I love to experiment. Unexpected miracles do happen when I intuitively mix all the elements on paper or canvas and create an original and unique work-"a l'improviste".

Over the years I have had several successful exhibitions, both private and in collaboration with other artists, in the Netherlands, France and Spain.

After having lived in the North of France for 4 years,

we went back to Holland in 2015.

My work is from the heart and my paintings reflect my soul.

I would like to thank Joka Flierman who inspired my artistic work and Claudie Capdeville who encouraged me to follow my own creative path.




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